Custom Feeding

Stroup Feeders is a 2,500 head custom feeding facility located in southwestern Nebraska. We have pens ranging in size from 80-250 head to accommodate our customer’s unique needs. Cattle are fed twice daily; in some cases high-risk calves are fed three times daily.

Custom feeding programs are developed for each customer. By considering cattle genetics and customer needs, we are able to develop a custom feeding program that emphasizes the performance of the cattle in our care. Our rations are adjusted regularly based on available feedstuffs and customer needs.


All feedstuffs are either raised by Stroup Feeders or purchased from local farmers. Sourcing feedstuffs locally allows us to ensure that only high-quality ingredients are used in our rations. Ration adjustments are made depending on the feedstuffs available. The main ingredients in our feestuffs are corn, wet distillers grains and roughages. Feed additives are also used to enhance growth and feed conversion. We use a consulting nutritionist to assist with ration formulation; our nutritionist also samples our rations on a regular basis.

Animal Health/Nutrition

At Stroup Feeders we rely on a consulting veterinarian and nutritionist to help maintain the health of the cattle in our care. We take animal care seriously, so both Steve and Jordan have regular communication with these individuals.


We strive to ensure the health and well-being of all the cattle at Stroup Feeders. Our consulting veterinarian keeps us up-to-date on new health prevention and treatment strategies. We also have a preventative program when cattle arrive to limit sickness and mortality. As part of the recent Veterinary Feed Directive, we maintain a good relationship with our veterinarian and work very closely with them to stay in compliance with the rule.


Proper nutrition of the cattle in our care is one of our top priorities. Our consulting nutritionist works with Steve on ration formulation. Rations and feed ingredients are sampled on a regular basis, and our nutritionist adjusts rations to match available feedstuffs.