Stroup Feeders is a family owned and operated custom feedyard in Benkelman, Nebraska. We strive to assist customers in maximizing the genetics of their cattle through our custom feeding solutions. Our location in southwestern Nebraska is ideal, because we have access to quality feed and roughages and we are located in the No. 1 cattle producing and feeding state in the country.

Stroup Feeders started feeding cattle commercially in the mid-1980s. The feedyard is owned and operated by Steve and Julie Stroup, along with their son, Jordan. Steve manages the feedyard and is responsible for making ration calls and monitoring bunk management. Julie assists with various responsibilities at the feedyard, including processing and receiving cattle. Jordan, who recently returned to the operation, manages the vaccination program.

At Stroup Feeders, our goal is to assist customers in maximizing the genetics of their cattle and provide efficient diets to emphasize cattle performance. We pride ourselves on offering superior service and maximum results to each of our customers.


Our Facility

  • Stroup Feeders is a 2,500 head custom feeding facility.
  • We have pens ranging in size from 80 to 250 head, which allows us to accommodate our customer’s unique needs.
  • Mounded pens with natural drainage reduce mud in the pens, maximize cattle comfort and enhance cattle performance.
  • Fence-line feed bunks and continuous flow waterers give cattle regular access to feed and water.
  • Customized feeding programs help enhance cattle performance and improve each customer’s return on investment.
  • Access to locally grown feedstuffs and roughages ensures cattle are feed high-quality rations.
  • Learn more about our custom feeding program.